Martin Brodeur 30 is a website that provides various information, all related to sportsbooks in New Jersey.

We aim to help our users, mostly composed of sports bettors, achieve a better understanding of how sports betting works. It is also our objective to create a platform where everyone can find different kinds of information needed for one to succeed in it.

We work together with different New Jersey sportsbook websites so that we may be one of the very first people to learn of their promos and in turn, help our users be updated.

Martin Brodeur 30 was created to serve users from all around the globe, not only New Jersey residents. While we may already be growing today, it didn’t happen overnight.


Martin Brodeur 30 was founded in 2019 by Tony Mcdowell and although we happen to specialize in NJ casino sportsbooks, we are headquartered in Texas.

His main goal for creating this website is providing recommendations for the best NJ casino where you can bet on sports.

However, it soon became clear that recommendations alone won’t make a bettor successful, and so this platform became a place to view stats and news as well.

Our services vary depending on the needs as well as the demands of our users. To know more about our list of services, proceed to the Services section of this page.


There are many things needed to succeed in sports betting, regardless of where you are, whether you’re in New Jersey or anywhere else. So, our services are a bit varied since we aim to help you succeed. Either way, here’s a look at what you can get from us.


Before anything else, you should know that our priority is giving you recommendations for the best casinos in New Jersey where you can bet on sports. This is because we believe that the sportsbook you join can make all the difference.

Player Data

One of the most vital pieces of information you can have when sports betting is the data of the athletes in the sports you’re betting on.


We help our users stay up-to-date with the latest news. After all, there’s nothing good that comes out of being unaware of the environment you’re in.

Betting Tips

Although no strategy can guarantee your winnings, you can always maximize your chances of winning by applying our betting tips.

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