The annual collegiate basketball single-elimination tournament, March Madness, is almost here! Pencils are sharpened, brackets are set up, and the race for pool prizes and bragging rights is underway. However, navigating the chaos can feel intimidating since 68 teams compete for the crown. Do not be alarmed, would-be bracket champions—these pointers and strategies will give you the tools you need to win!

Recognize the Seeds

Teams are ranked in the NCAA Tournament according to their performance throughout the regular season. Stronger teams are typically represented by higher seeding, and they frequently move up the bracket.

Pay Attention to Recent Results

Don’t merely depend on a team’s overall record. Keep a close eye on how they perform in the last moments.

Examine Conference Strength

An intense conference schedule corresponds to more significant tournament preparation.

Maintain a Balance Between Upsets and Favorites

Although upsets are thrilling, going overboard might ruin your bracket. Strive for a good mix between established powerhouses and Cinderella-worthy prospects.

Accept the Unexpected

The dramatic moments and uncertain results of March Madness are well-known. Accept the mayhem!

Think About Your Pool’s Scoring Structure

Different pools have varied methods for distributing points. Should your pool incentivize bold, high-payoff selections, consider your upsets more carefully. However, concentrate on the higher seeds moving forward steadily for pools with conventional point structures. 

Make Several Brackets

Although it may seem paradoxical, making multiple brackets with various lineup choices will improve your chances of winning. It lets you try out various tactics and hedge your bets. 


Enjoy the Ride. Accept the drama, the upsets, and the unanticipated events that add so much uniqueness to this competition. So fasten your seatbelts, complete your brackets, and get ready to witness the chaos!