There are many things that you need to know about sports betting. And if you are specializing in hockey sports betting, you should be aware of how easy it is to make a bet.

However, learning does not end there for sports bettors in New Jersey. There are still many more things to learn.

So today we’re going to talk about different things you need to know when betting on hockey, including hockey biographies and other stats.

Team Names

Sure, the hockey biographies of each player are important, but it’s worth noting that the name of the team itself is more important. This piece of information allows you to be familiar with what teams have momentum at the moment.


Checking the part of a player’s hockey biography which shows the number of seasons played provides you with an idea of how much experience that player already has.

Playoff Appearances

In addition to the number of seasons, you should also check the hockey biography for the number of playoff appearances, so you can find out how professional that player is.

NHL Championships

On top of the playoff appearance, make sure you also have an idea of the championships won by that hockey player to figure out how good he is.

Individual Stats

Speaking of championships, you can also get a better idea of a player’s skills by checking the number of goals per season, and other stats in his hockey biography. Such stats will usually show itself easily in any source.

By knowing this information, you are giving yourself better chances of making your bet a winning bet.