The gambling industry of New Jersey is growing rapidly, and as they ended 2018, we can see just how big the industry came to be just after a few years from its founding.

There have been lots of changes in the industry and most of them are positive ones, from the legalization of sports betting to the increase in hockey fans.

So today we look at how the gambling industry created a record-setting event with each of the major NJ sportsbook casinos.


Borgata is a brand that owns Party, MGM, and Pala in New Jersey. It’s one of those sportsbooks that offer sports betting on hockey.

While they aren’t exactly setting their sights on making a marvelous hockey record, they were still able to break through the $5 million marks last December.

Although they were only the second to achieve this milestone, it’s still a great achievement for this sportsbook.

Golden Nugget

As previously said, Borgata was the second sportsbook to break through the $5 million marks. This is because the Golden Nugget was the first one to do so.

Considering the name of the sportsbook, it’s no surprise. Not only did they beat Borgata into making the best hockey record in terms of revenue, but they also broke through the $100 million mark in December, the same month Borgata achieved its milestone.


Most of the sportsbooks here are chasing after Golden Nugget. Unfortunately for Tropicana, though, it’s still in a far, far lower level than the sportsbook giant.

Not only did they become unable to break through the $5 million up until now, but it is also having a decrease in their yearly revenues.

While it has something to do with a lower hockey revenue records that had a little contribution, it is also because of the other sports that they offer that also had low revenues.


Resorts are not exactly the best casino sportsbooks that offer sports betting on hockey. But what’s so great about its hockey revenue records was that the highest revenue increased by a whopping 50 percent last December.

So, if this keeps us, Resorts might even be able to catch up to Golden Nugget, although we’re still assuming that this rate will be consistent or if Golden Nugget doesn’t do the same.


Compared to Resorts, the increase in the recorded hockey revenues of Caesars is relatively lower, with only a 17 percent increase. However, it is still enough so that it can keep up with the other giants without being left behind.

Also, this 17 percent seems to have increased consistently over the past few years, so there’s no telling what will happen in the future for Caesars’ hockey revenue records.

Ocean Resort

Finally, we have Ocean Resort where the owners changed recently. And no, it wasn’t a good thing since their $700k online revenue dropped to $500k in December.

Also, they are prioritizing hockey less and less, which is assumed to be one of the reasons why their recorded revenue decreased.

There are many times when the fate of sportsbooks changed completely with the addition of certain sports. In this case, adding hockey, which is one of the best sports in the country, brought positive influence, most of the time.